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B4B Challenge 2020


B4B Challenge is a contest organized by B4B Limited, a social enterprise that aims to promote the development of a healthy and sustainable ecosystem for Big Data and AI innovation in Hong Kong and to match talents and enterprises with an intensive accelerator program. The theme of the 4th B4B Challenge is


Groom young talents in to develop their career in Big Data and AI.

Facilitate Big Data and AI start-ups and students to apply their innovative solutions to Mainland China by connecting strategic resources from the PRC market.

Invite overseas and Mainland Chinese Big Data and AI talents to compete and exchange.

Encourage Hong Kong enterprises to leverage Big Data and AI to compete in Hong Kong, mainland China as well as international markets. 

Connect Big Data and AI stakeholders and establish long-term collaboration among them in order to build a healthy, competitive and sustainable Big Data and AI ecosystem in Greater China.

Enhance Hong Kong’s public awareness of the value and impact of Big Data and AI and improve their adoption and buy-in of Big Data and AI innovations.


Energiser Week

Finalists teams will earn an opportunity joining Energiser Week – an intensive 3-4 days training program in Shanghai, with experts and professionals from corporates, consultant firms, Big Data start-ups and investors to share insights on Big Data application and catch up with the latest Big Data trend.

Mentorship Program

Finalists will enjoy a 6 weeks Mentorship Program with Big Data gurus and experts from various domains such as Mr. Herbert Chia and Dr. Toa Charm. During the mentorship period, finalists will have the chance to seek advice and guidance to improve on there Big Data solutions for the Final Assessment. 


Finalists will have much opportunities to network with X - Ecosystem resources such as corporate sponsors and partners between two cities Hong Kong and Shanghai as well as start-up teams from SODA. Business engagements were materialised between B4B finalists and corporate sponsors and partners in pervious years.




Applicants can apply either as a start-up team, an individual team or a student team. There is no restriction to the number of members for a team, however, we believe the optimal number of team members should be from 3 to 6. The fully-funded energizer week will cover 3 team members from each team.

Each company can only send one team and each team can only submit one application.

Each Applicant can only join one team.

Only completed Application Forms with the documents required to be enclosed as stated therein shall be considered valid entries.





Start-up  / Company Teams

  • The applying company must be incorporated in Hong Kong.

  • All team members must be aged 18 or above.

  • All team members must be full-time employees of the company.

  • The applying company is not necessarily pure-play Big Data companies. Their core business can be in any industry but they are making use of Big Data Technology to empower their business models, products, services or technologies.

 Individual Teams

  • Any individuals aging 18 or above including students can enter.

  • At least one member in each individual team must qualify as one of the following categories of persons, as at the deadline of application (January 29th, 2020).

  • Persons having the right of abode in Hong Kong, including Hong Kong permanent residents;

  • Persons having valid permission to stay in Hong Kong for residence;

  • Persons having valid permission to land in Hong Kong as a student; or

  • Persons having valid permission to land in Hong Kong for employment.


For details of eligibility requirements and application procedures, please refer to the Prospectus


Application Deadline: 12:00 noon, 29th January, 2020 (Hong Kong time)




Selection of finalist teams and champion teams for each stream will be based on the following assessment criteria:









Marketing Potential




Should there be any dispute as to the results of the assessment, the decision of the Judging Panel shall be final.

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