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27TH ~ 30TH OCT, 2021 AT HKTDC 


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Arical accelerates the advent of smart and liveable cities with AI and blockchain technologies.


Product: Arical’s Overseas Property Platform enables property buyers, property agencies and financial advisors in HK to easily discover, compare and buy exclusive UK properties.

Service: Arical’s GeoAI Location Intelligence Service empowers HK organizations to uncover hidden patterns, gain actionable insights and competitive advantages.

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Assetbozz is a Hong Kong born Tech Startup focused on streamlining and automating property management and physical asset maintenance. We have developed a B2B SaaS solution which combines AI, Cloud and Mobile technology to connect real estate professionals on a single platform to help them communicate, collaborate and share knowledge securely and instantly.

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BOXS is an essential platform for property management, retail and restaurant industry digital transformation.
Founded in 2018 BOXS has achieved significant progress through research and development innovation, joined Hong Kong Science and Technology Park Incubation programme and received Best Retail Innovation Product Award 2020.

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Carbonbase uses technology to help businesses track their carbon emissions, and communicate sustainability efforts to their end consumer, allowing individuals to take direct climate action, and earn rewards for their contributions. Carbonbase Uses Data and Blockchain to Connect Enterprise Supply Chain and their Customers Together in a Green Economy Ecosystem.

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ConnectAR‘s products are centered around using AR (Augmented Reality) and computer vision technologies to enhance users’ experience and to enable innovative usages. 

Our featured products are SnapPop, a PropTech mobile app with over 30 digital interactive templates which is an effective O2O marketing tool for properties. Second, the latest product, StoryTellAR, an online learning platform designed specifically to connect our offline learning materials seamlessly with interactive digital content, using Computer Vision and AR.

ConnectAR is part of the Eureka Nova acceleration programme (New World Group) and a Cyberport Incubatee.

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Dayta AI is a SaaS company with a vision to establish a SmartRetail ecosystem that entails Computer Vision and Business Intelligence.

Under the rise of e-commerce and even the pandemic, the role of brick-and-mortar stores is clearer than ever before- Extending excellent service and building trust and relationship with customers. Nevertheless, traditional solutions either require high up-front cost or long hardware installation time. Our innovative cloud solution, Cyclops, only requires existing surveillance footage to run. Users can manage stores on a real-time basis and understand deeper insights through customized business intelligence reports, as a result implement data-driven strategies to enhance sales and shopper experience. 

Dayta AI is the winner of Moet Hennessy Innovation Challenge, ICT Startup Award (Software and Apps) Certificate of Merits, and HKRMA Smart Retail Tech Awards (Technology Startups) Gold Award. The company was selected as the 2021 Forbes Asia 100 to Watch, and the three passionate co-founders are selected for the Forbes 30 under 30 Asia 2021. 

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"We are the only SaaS platform that offer bilingual, multi-units,  and multi-currency that are made for China and designed with  international standards. Our products are created by property  insiders with practical and scalable solutions to resolve “real”  issues and provide “value-add” key stats and analytics.”

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Farseer provides unbiased ESG & business insights to investors & corporates that drives alpha & manage risk, leveraging our real-time, trusted news & social coverage powered by our proven proprietary AI & big data engine.


We stand out with 

1./Proprietary NLP engine with Chinese (simplified & complicated) & English capabilities; 

2./Unique Fintech Positioning: solving critical structural ESG greenwashing & information asymmetry problems with timely, relevant & actionable insights & 

3./Creative Business Model: our subscription, API & automatic reports modules offer clients with standardized, yet flexible options to adopt.

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Propcap Technologies Limited is a cross-border real estate secured 

lending platform based in Hong Kong. We specialize in matching funders 

and borrowers who apply for loan on buy-to-let properties in the U.K and 

Japan. We offer flexible short-term loan to borrowers and provide 

funders attractive yield with collaterals.

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Founded in 2018, Quikec is a technology company. Headquarter in Hong Kong and a subsidiary in Zhuhai. With the support of unprecedented innovation and teams of experts of HKSP, Quikec is going to pass down the immortal Hong Kong spirit and participate actively in local re-industrialization forwards industry 4.0.

The major technologies employed by Quikec include Artificial Intelligence and image recognition algorithms (AI 360), which are applied to process a vast dataset of labeled images of images database collected by Quikec.

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RaSpect is a AI deep tech company for smart city solution. We build patented safety AI technology especially for smart buildings and smart infrastructure. We offer AI SaaS solution as well as AI services for property owners and property management companies and government. We are the pioneer technology provider for the safety monitoring of skyscrapers. Our solution dramatically increases the safety co-efficient of buildings and infrastructure by boosting the inspection and monitoring efficiency and accuracy with lower costs. Our technology has been well-proven with numerous reputable landmark properties in Hong Kong while Hong Kong is the leading market in skyscrapers construction. The strong presence in Hong Kong market effectively implies a strong future success in the global market. RaSpect's breakthrough technology has created exponential tractions and growth in local and regional markets. The product portfolio offered by RaSpect is expanding beyond building facade inspection to building services monitoring and predictive maintenance in systems such as lifts, escalators, HVAC etc. RaSpect's mission is to create a safer, smarter and greener society through AI inspection, IoT sensing and predictive maintenance technology solutions.

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Compathnion Technology Limited started business since 18 May, 2015. We have adapted an indoor localisation tools and location based recommendation engine enabled by the cloud, modern methodologies with value-added functions for business development and logistics management.  

WE consist of an award-winning team with a mission to deliver effective location based solutions to fulfill evolving business needs in Hong Kong and other parts of the world. We provide data mining, cleansing, extraction, and analytic services using different big data, artificial intelligence, and edge computing technologies.

WE provide site surveys, SDK toolkit, Content Management Platform, and analytic services using different big data, artificial intelligence and edge computing technologies. We aim to bring revolutionary improvement to all businesses through path-breaking technologies, and collaborate with our clients in innovative ways to unlock business potential using our expertise in indoor positioning. In 2020, we successfully helped Hong Kong Government to implement Stay Home Safe App for self quarantine.

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Infotronic Technology (ITT) is an IoC (Internet of Construction) Technology Company. Started to develop InfoSMART™️ Attend and xTrack in 2014, the delivered functions are well received by the industry and endorsed by the Construction Industry Council (CIC) of Hong Kong with 2 solutions on the CITF preapproval list in 2019. 


InfoSMART™️  is a Total Solution for Construction site management system including Safety, Monitor, Attend, Resource, xTrack, etc.

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Parkingbnb developed AI-driven PropTech solutions that automate property management, increase efficiency of property spaces and bring significant data insights. These sustainable solutions include smart parking, retail, logistics and mobility. The key game-changing engine of the Parkingbnb platform is IoT cloud infrastructure that requires 70% less equipment, 80% less electricity to operate, and gives real-time data access to property operations and customer journeys.

 Parkingbnb is a B2B2C business which operates its own mobile app helping drivers to find the closest and cheapest space, pay contactless for parking and car services and rent cars.

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We are started in 2018, which is an proptech startup that use disrupt technologies such as artificial intelligence, IoT, virtual reality to keep the real estate industry growth by continuous improvement in productivity, quality, agility, and service levels. Our product include AGAA (Auto-Gen Architecture Analytics), VR Safety Precaution and Facilities Management System. The VR Safety Precaution aims to improve the safety precaution by conducting the VR simulation inside an office, home, construction site or centre. AGAA help construction design conduct automation to classify different floor plan design with schematic and electrical plan. 

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 Pokeguide is a navigation app that tells you how to go from one place to another by all means of public transportation with our algorithm and data. We cover Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan with 7 languages. We have over 300,000 users and won the Hong Kong ICT Gold Award (Best Mobility) and Asia Pacific ICT Merit Award (Smart Tourism) in 2018, Asia Smart App Gold Award and COVID-19 Global Hackathon in 2020.

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Founded in 2018, Quikec is a technology company. Headquarter in Hong Kong and a subsidiary in Zhuhai. With the support of unprecedented innovation and teams of experts of HKSP, Quikec is going to pass down the immortal Hong Kong spirit and participate actively in local re-industrialization forwards industry 4.0.

The major technologies employed by Quikec include Artificial Intelligence and image recognition algorithms (AI 360), which are applied to process a vast dataset of labeled images of images database collected by Quikec.



viAct is the leading algorithm-based smart construction company backed by SOSV, Alibaba and Vectr Ventures. Recognized by CEMEX Ventures as Top50 ConTech Startups 2020 and the AI partner of Autodesk, we automate construction monitoring, helping international enterprises such as Bouygues, Swire Properties and MTR to enhance jobsites safety, increase productivity and achieve ESG goals.

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Viewider brings together the world’s producers, sellers and marketplaces in one online home. It reduces friction and removes barriers to trade so that goods can flow faster and cheaper from factories to consumers. And it harnesses the power of big data to optimize pricing and sales decisions for the benefit of buyers and sellers.

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