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Albacastor Technology Limited was founded in 2019, dedicated to developing green solutions with IoT for different industries. We are now incubated by HKSTP and CityU. Also, we are the only listed local manufacturer by both EPD and EMSD. UVent® Kitchen Hood collection is scattered to more than 20 restaurants, hotels, and clubhouses in 10 brands in less than one year, contributing HKD 1.3M revenue. In the next year, we regard GBA area, Singapore, and Japan as the first batch of overseas markets.  

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Metaverse shopping mall solutions offer a 3D virtual shopping experience. These solutions provide social interactions and personalized recommendations, enhancing customer engagement and loyalty. Retailers can showcase their products in a unique way, reach a wider audience, and offer immersive and interactive shopping experiences.

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Amuro leverages blockchain technology to create soft-credentials that are tamper-proof ,easily verifiable, and readily shareable.

Our platform offers a user-friendly interface for issuers to design and issue credentials while providing individuals with an attractive and secureway to showcase their skills through verifiable badges.Amurowillfeatureanetworkingcomponentthatintelligentlyconnectsskilledindividuals with relevant opportunities in the future of work, fostering network growth and unlocking human potential.

The productMVP is currently live at -with our go-to-market strategy to tackle  speakers/keynote presenters and talks.

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We have launched a Control-Free Smart IoT Campus project! This cutting-edge technology aims to revolutionize the way campuses are managed and controlled. Our system eliminates the need for manual control, allowing for a fully automated and efficient campus experience. Whether you're a student, faculty member, or administrator, you'll benefit from our state-of-the-art platform, which can be easily customized to meet your specific needs. Our team of experts has developed an intuitive user interface that seamlessly integrates with existing campus infrastructure. Join us as we embark on this exciting journey to transform the future of education through smart technology!

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EVIDENT is an investment platform for alternative assets with a positive impact. We empower investors to access, invest, and trade in private companies and assets they believe in. Our mission is to connect founders and leaders with capital to solve today's most challenging problems. Every founder should be able to realize their vision of a better world. Every investor should be able to directly support and engage with the businesses and projects that create the next generation of impact and wealth.

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ESGuardian is a green manufacturing enterprise that produces eco-friendly products using its self-invented silica capsule technology. The technology enables products that typically come in concentrated liquid form, to be stored conveniently as a compact silica capsule that control release the contents when it’s in contact with water. 

Gel Soap is ESGuardian’s first product that encapsulated liquid soap ingredients. It is designed to provide the same killing rate as foam liquid hand soap but with a 99% reduction in weight resulting in a lower carbon footprint and cost.



EcoBay Technologies Limited, a HKSTP partner company, we carry Care222 Far-UVC disinfection technologies. Harmlessly aim for disinfection and cleaning during COVID pandemic, we built used cases in government, airport, hotels and shopping malls, etc.

Using patented filtered UVC222, the principle is to destroy the nuclear acid structure of bacteria and viruses, instant disinfectionand long-term protection. It is endorsed by Columbia University in the United States and can safely illuminate the occupied space of humans and animals.

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define CLEAN is green-tech start up offering naturally-derived powder-form personal and household cleaning/disinfecting products without single-use plastic packaging and is 98% lighter than the general products in the market. This reduces carbon emission found in packaging generated by single-use plastic packaging and transportation.

By using define CLEAN's cleaning products, it helps reduce 100% plastic wastes, 98% carbon emission, 95% storage occupancy and energy used, and 67% water usage.


The new format for international trade is using Artificial Intelligence technology web application for global supply chain. GTX are membership webstore with coinbase system socialMedia@Biz play the role in “Super Connecter”. Also is B2B and O2O management platform that provides the SME an interactive service and information system. We have three major system help members to reduce the cost, lower the risk and easy to manage. We go for develop ‘Fintech System’ to help people easy to work with us.

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Relying on the technical reserve of industrial-grade lightweight and non-destructive robots, Hong Kong X-Wheel Intelligent Technology Limited. builds a top-level engineering test platform, adhering to the principles of low-carbon environmental protection, intelligent and recyclable, and actively promotes the breakthrough and development of intelligent manufacturing and card detection technology in the construction field.

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This project utilises GeoAI, combining GIS, deep learning, computer vision, and semantic segmentation toprovide a more precise and concise urban evaluation. AI and GIS are used to analyze and visualize data, allowing us to fully comprehend the urban region under consideration.

Innocorn is founded by a team of computer enthusiasts who are expert in A.I., NLP & Robotic solutions.  The team members of our research and development team have experience in design and development of software and hardware for smart home, robotic, facial recognition, pattern recognition, skeleton detection, artificial neural network, NLP, A.I. and machine learning.  

Our solution is an innovative A.I. Customer Server solution is designed to provide a virtual assistance service to the customers.

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Metasonia is a professional team focus in AI ConTech solutions, also in PropTech and related areas. Our vision is to apply our AI solutions and IoT technologies to protect workers by creating a “Zero Accident'' working environment, reduce expensive errors, reduce worksite injuries and make building operations more efficient. Our advanced technologies can support jobsite safety by identifying various anomalies present in the jobsite that may threaten the safety in the jobsite. 

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MICology utilize gaming wisdom in Metaverse and AIGC tech. We take user engagement to new heights by bringing virtual assets to real world into practical use.

Our solution allow users to travel to virtual locations and interact with virtual avatars that actively greets customers in physical locations.

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Mictronics Company Limited is a HVAC component manufacturer.  Our main product is a premium PERMANENT MAGNET SYNCHRONOUS motor (PMSM).  We are the first company in the world to apply PMSM technology to Fan Coil Units (FCU). The main advantage of our PMSM technology is high efficiency and energy saving. Our high efficiency motor has up to 80% in energy savings compared to conventional FCU motors.


We aim to reduce carbon emissions and greenhouse gases by way of reducing overall energy consumption, thus costs and it is our goal to supply the world with our energy savings motor technologies. 

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MOVA, an innovative PropTech solution, harnesses sophisticated technologies such as AI-driven virtual agents, Transformer-based deep learning, natural language processing, and blockchain systems (EOSIO and R3 Corda). Offering efficient property search, B2B verification, secure transactions, and effective property and ESG management, MOVA serves homebuyers, sellers, financial institutions, and other stakeholders. With its AI Beta version released, MOVA's "Search - Connect - Verified" strategy aims to transform the property industry by addressing enduring challenges and elevating user experience.

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Nanofil Filtration Technology Limited is passionate about and devoted to research and development of nano-technology in air filter industry.


We have our own nano filter manufacturing and R&D facilities in Hong Kong to strengthen our production, quality management and R&D capabilities in order to deliver the most sophisticated air filtration solutions and products to our customers.


Our products include air filters for commercial, residential and industrial applications.  Our patented sterilizing nano filters can exterminate over 99% of COVID-19 (Omicron variant), 99.99% of bacteria with a low pressure drop.



Innovative enterprises in the field of construction technology, through the combination of AR technology and BIM, empower the whole life cycle of buildings. The core SaaS products have covered 100+ leading construction units and landed 300+ benchmark projects.

 With the help of AR, models with BIM data are projected on construction site in centimeter level positioning. Onesight AR Construction Assistant provides the construction and acceptance process with visual reference and guidance, it is a groundbreaking change for construction: reducing the time cost of delivery and quality review over 50%, improving the efficiency of inspection over 30% and cutting down the cost of rework to 80%, which maximizing the cost of BIM and increasing carbon efficiency of AEC, contribute to the sustainable development of the industry.


OpenCertHub DigiCredential is a team passionate about promoting digital credentials to make our lives easier and secure from real-life to virtual. The team developed a platform embedded with public blockchain and enterprise digital credential management software to facilitate business partners to add value to their digital credentials offering. A digital credential is not only linkage to training or academic purpose in general, but it also becomes part of the digital transformation in the commercial world, especially in digital marketing. More scenarios like membership, competition, assessment, contribution, recognition and innovation can also enjoy the incredible value of digital credentials.​

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According to a survey by CISCO, 75% IoT projects fail. Lack of standards is one of the biggest challenges. Our End-to-End IoT Enablement Platform simplifies the language between different components. Our solution consists of 3 elements, smart device which capture and translate data into universal format. Built-in WAN connectivity which eliminates network infrastructure setup. Middleware which integrates data into new or existing IoT platforms. Unlike the common do-it-yourself solution, our solution eliminates the unnecessary steps and makes IoT much easier, leading to a higher success rate such that Government, leading developers, building services companies and listed companies trust our solution.

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Our leading service is an employee-centric platform that gamifies the sustainability culture at the workplace. We collect and process waste-generation live data and display the information back to the employees to encourage analysis, learning, and engagement through a waste-reduction journey. In addition, Spare-it creates a competition to bring a fun way to measure your performance (in waste generation) against other similar office spaces. We can measure the amount of waste generated across workspaces in real-time using proprietary technology.


Thinxtra, Enabler of Massive IoT, connects physical assets with the digital world in the most energy and cost efficient way, at scale. As operator of the only public, national 0G Network dedicated to the IoT in Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong and Macau, Thinxtra teams with a broad partner ecosystem to help organisations gain operational efficiency, create new business models, optimise asset management while supporting their ESG objectives.

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2 Go Technologies, one of the most leading financial software developer in Hong Kong, locates in the HKSTP. The new Division for the RD of New Renewable Energies will help reduction of carbon emission for a greener world.

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12TH - 15TH APRIL 2023


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