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13TH - 16TH OCT, 2022



Albacastor Technology Limited was founded in 2019, dedicated to developing green solutions with IoT for different industries. We are now incubated by HKSTP and CityU. Also, we are the only listed local manufacturer by both EPD and EMSD. UVent® Kitchen Hood collection is scattered to more than 20 restaurants, hotels, and clubhouses in 10 brands in less than one year, contributing HKD 1.3M revenue. In the next year, we regard GBA area, Singapore, and Japan as the first batch of overseas markets.  

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Aurabeat was established in Hong Kong in 2017. We focus on the research and development of air purification and related technologies to provide safe and clean air to the world with innovation. Aurabeat owns patented AG+ Silver Ion air disinfection technology which was invented by our professional team. We also created the combination of silver ion, UV light and plasma to develop antiviral air purifiers with medical grade.

Apicem Technology Services (ATS) had brought to you the latest products in air purifying technology to provide unparalleled performance and investment protection in the extreme worldwide pandemic situation. We have built the industry’s most disinfection efficient Smart Air Decontamination & Purification System that includes patented metal foams with high voltage electrostatic field for instant virus and bacteria elimination. The system can help to kill all harmful substances faster, prevent cross-area contamination stronger, keep the environment greener with lower cost of ownership.

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Dedicated to the construction of smart city, combining artificial intelligence(AI), cloud computing, Internet of Things(IoT) and other technology system solutions and operational services. We focus on the research and development of metaverse-related technologies such as Augmented reality (AR) ,Virtual Reality (VR), and Virtual Asset Trading, etc. We have a first-class urban design team, working together to create a whole new level of digital shopping experiences for consumers in the Metaverse.

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Carbonbase uses technology to help businesses track their carbon emissions, and communicate sustainability efforts to their end consumer, allowing individuals to take direct climate action, and earn rewards for their contributions. Carbonbase Uses Data and Blockchain to Connect Enterprise Supply Chain and their Customers Together in a Green Economy Ecosystem.

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CARBON10B X helps individuals, companies, investors and governments, to implement science-based climate change targets worldwide by: (i) Building a global ecosystem to make climate solutions accessible and attractive to all; (ii) Plugging into the global system of carbon exchange mechanism by making Hong Kong the no.1 exchange platform for the automated exchange of carbon credits in Asia; (iii) Incubating technology solutions for climate impact that allow issuing high-quality carbon credits to help bridge the emission gap and target full-cycle value chain solutions.



AureliaCare is a health wearable developer. Our smart wearables, easy-to-use applications, and teletherapy software enable caregivers to provide one-stop 24/7 care through virtual visits, e-prescriptions, and remote monitoring.

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Carnot Innovations aims to be the smart brain behind every building. Our ground-breaking software platform enables persistent and real time optimization of facility operational efficiency thereby enhancing sustainability and expediting progress towards net zero carbon targets.  

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To provide a set of high-efficiency "electricity detector" for all users of power consuming enterprises, which can achieve an efficient, transparent and data-based system to prevent power disasters, solve the fire caused by power hidden dangers in advance, and enable enterprises to avoid the responsibility of human life and property disasters caused by power disasters.

The main purpose of the project is to make power hidden dangers highly transparent and data-based, so that enterprises and people can provide solutions to power hidden dangers and have clear rights and responsibilities.

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EcoBay Technologies Limited, a HKSTP partner company, we carry Care222 Far-UVC disinfection technologies. Harmlessly aim for disinfection and cleaning during COVID pandemic, we built used cases in government, airport, hotels and shopping malls, etc.

Using patented filtered UVC222, the principle is to destroy the nuclear acid structure of bacteria and viruses, instant disinfectionand long-term protection. It is endorsed by Columbia University in the United States and can safely illuminate the occupied space of humans and animals.

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Farseer provides unbiased ESG & business insights to investors & corporates that drives alpha & manage risk, leveraging our real-time, trusted news & social coverage powered by our proven proprietary AI & big data engine.


We stand out with 

1./Proprietary NLP engine with Chinese (simplified & complicated) & English capabilities; 

2./Unique Fintech Positioning: solving critical structural ESG greenwashing & information asymmetry problems with timely, relevant & actionable insights & 

3./Creative Business Model: our subscription, API & automatic reports modules offer clients with standardized, yet flexible options to adopt.

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With its own strong development teams, LHC over the years innovated and developed a Smart and Open, Comprehensive and Safe, Cloud-based services platform. Combined with our Smart Charging HW technologies and other IoT devices, LHC provides a complete, functionally rich operational systems set to meet the ever-increasing demands for running an EV charging network. We tackle technical obstacles arise from daily operations, fulfill all requirements driven by the dynamic of EV development, ever-changing national/local governance policies, the needs of flexible collaborative models for all investors/partners involvements, and/or even from an interesting end-user social comment… and so forth. Hence with our collective efforts LHC builds EV charging networks in a sustainable and much more commercially-viable way. 

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Innovative enterprises in the field of construction technology, through the combination of AR technology and BIM, empower the whole life cycle of buildings. The core SaaS products have covered 100+ leading construction units and landed 300+ benchmark projects.

 With the help of AR, models with BIM data are projected on construction site in centimeter level positioning. Onesight AR Construction Assistant provides the construction and acceptance process with visual reference and guidance, it is a groundbreaking change for construction: reducing the time cost of delivery and quality review over 50%, improving the efficiency of inspection over 30% and cutting down the cost of rework to 80%, which maximizing the cost of BIM and increasing carbon efficiency of AEC, contribute to the sustainable development of the industry.

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We keep innovating technology on energy and automation with big data at all Levels for all types of buildings in different industries. Better utilizing and managing your building energy will be our mission and goal to enter the new era of energy use together.

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 Pokeguide is a navigation app that tells you how to go from one place to another by all means of public transportation with our algorithm and data. We cover Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan with 7 languages. We have over 300,000 users and won the Hong Kong ICT Gold Award (Best Mobility) and Asia Pacific ICT Merit Award (Smart Tourism) in 2018, Asia Smart App Gold Award and COVID-19 Global Hackathon in 2020.

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According to a survey by CISCO, 75% IoT projects fail. Lack of standards is one of the biggest challenges. Our End-to-End IoT Enablement Platform simplifies the language between different components. Our solution consists of 3 elements, smart device which capture and translate data into universal format. Built-in WAN connectivity which eliminates network infrastructure setup. Middleware which integrates data into new or existing IoT platforms. Unlike the common do-it-yourself solution, our solution eliminates the unnecessary steps and makes IoT much easier, leading to a higher success rate such that Government, leading developers, building services companies and listed companies trust our solution.

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MOVE IT MOVE IT is an AI logistic platform powered by big data and AI furniture detection, advocating for tech-innovation in green logistics. Connecting clients and service suppliers, the platform provides clients with a one-stop moving service and transforms the traditional logistics industry. We intend to create a comprehensive property ecosystem for the smarter city of the future.

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Oriente is the leading financial services and technology company committed to unlocking financial inclusion for underserved communities in emerging Asia. Using cutting-edge technologies including, Artificial Intelligence, machine learning, and data science, Oriente is building solutions that provide real-time credit scoring, digital and O2O lending and other tailored financial services to millions in Southeast Asia's fastest-growing economies.

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NXT Smart Technology is the leading A.I.-enabled IoT technology-based smart property management service provider in Greater China. We help our customers (mainly property owners, property operators and property managers) to achieve digitalization and enhance sustainability for their building space and environment through the application of both 24/7 uninterrupted front-end IoT (including environment monitoring, human behavior pattern deep-learning & detection and user experience upgrade) and 24/7 uninterrupted back-end IoT (energy efficiency management and overall facility operational risk reduction) solutions. Our IoT solutions increase customer’s property asset value, increase property management efficiency and increase customer satisfaction.

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Nanofil Filtration Technology Limited is passionate about and devoted to research and development of nano-technology in air filter industry.


We have our own nano filter manufacturing and R&D facilities in Hong Kong to strengthen our production, quality management and R&D capabilities in order to deliver the most sophisticated air filtration solutions and products to our customers.


Our products include air filters for commercial, residential and industrial applications.  Our patented sterilizing nano filters can exterminate over 99% of COVID-19 (Omicron variant), 99.99% of bacteria with a low pressure drop.



E-Business Solutions Limited (EBSL) is a B2B solutions provider specialized in the following technologies:

  • RFID (Radio Frequency Identification)

  • IoT (Internet of Things)

  • Enterprise-grade Mobile App 

 Key Solutions 

  • RFID Asset Management System 

  • RFID Asset Tracking System 

  • RFID Library Management System 

  • FM+™ Mobile Facility Management System 

  • Zenzi™ IoT Platform

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  • The temperature range of the outlet and return water of the central air-conditioning water chiller is generally between+6°C /+16°C and water is used as a phase change material (ice energy storage system), so the temperature needs to be further reduced to 2-4 ° C below zero, which is the main reason for energy waste of ice energy storage.

  • Excessive water is required in the process of water spraying ice making for ice energy storage, resulting in a large amount of water wastage.

  • Boca phase change material, can accurately conduct phase change at the most desirable +8°C, avoids energy consumption for cooling below zero, and wastage of water resources in ice making.

  • Patented nanotechnology is used to produce the inorganic phase change materials with stable chemical structure, non-toxic and low cost, and no pollutants will be released in the production process.

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OpenCertHub DigiCredential is a team passionate about promoting digital credentials to make our lives easier and secure from real-life to virtual. The team developed a platform embedded with public blockchain and enterprise digital credential management software to facilitate business partners to add value to their digital credentials offering. A digital credential is not only linkage to training or academic purpose in general, but it also becomes part of the digital transformation in the commercial world, especially in digital marketing. More scenarios like membership, competition, assessment, contribution, recognition and innovation can also enjoy the incredible value of digital credentials.​

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