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The 2nd “B4B Challenge”: “Big Data for Digital Transformation”

Press Release

The 2nd “B4B Challenge” is now open for applications and the Big Data Generation are welcome to share their innovative solutions. The deadline for applications is 18th November 2017.

Contestants who manage to enter finalist stage will have the opportunity to use data sets provided by some B4B sponsors and partners including TalkingData to test and improve their solutions for final assessment. They will also be guided by mentors who are well-known experts in the field of big data.

The 2nd “B4B Challenge” is organised by B4B Limited and co-sponsored by Cyberport, together with a number of strategic partners, sponsors, participating partners and supporting organizations.

B4B Limited is a social enterprise that aims to promote the development of a healthy and sustainable ecosystem for Big Data and AI innovation in Hong Kong and to match talents and enterprises with an intensive accelerator program.

Key Highlights of the 2nd “B4B Challenge”

The theme of B4B Challenge 2017 is “Big Data for Digital Transformation”

The Challenge Competition welcomes Startups and individual applications and they will be grouped into 3 award streams. Student applications will be grouped under student stream. For each stream, dedicated judging panel will select 3 teams as finalists to proceed to the accelerator stage.

Applications are encouraged to design data driven digital solutions targeting, but not limited to, the following industries or domains:

‧ Customer Loyalty

‧ Customer Service

‧ eCommerce

‧ Education

‧ FinTech

‧ Food and Beverage

‧ Healthcare

‧ Human Resources

‧ Manufacturing

‧ Marketing

‧ Retail

‧ Smart City

‧ Supply Chain Management

‧ Telecommunication

‧ Travel and Hospitality

Each stream will select three teams and all twelve teams of finalists will be asked to create innovative big data solutions with data-sets from B4B sponsors and partners including TalkingData and gain insights on Greater China business operations with our fully sponsored “Energiser Week” in Beijing and a 10-week mentorship programme guided by big data industry experts, corporate executives and domain experts.

The judging panel will consist of professionals of big data practice, members from relevant industry domains and professional associations, venture capital companies and educational institutes. The assessment criteria include:

‧ Innovation & Creativity

‧ Functionality & Quality

‧ Benefits & Marketing Potential

‧ Professionalism & Presentation

Honorary Chairman and Chief Mentor of B4B Challenge Mr Herbert Chia (車品覺) encourage the ambitious young generation to participate and he will offer face to face sessions with Finalist teams. In his keynote speech, Mr. Chia shared his experience in big data industry and said the future of big data industry is very promising. Mr. Chia is Venture Partner of Sequoia Capital China and former Group Vice-President of Alibaba Group.

Dr. Toa Charm (湛家揚), the Chief Public Mission Officer, Cyberport, Ms. Gracie Ng(吳子慧),

Manager, Hong Kong Science and Technology Park Corporation and Dr. Cynthia Yang (楊

慧), CEO Assistant of TalkingData also shared their experience and insights in the industry.

For details of the competition, please visit the website of the competition to learn more at


Media enquiry:

Mr Spencer Chan for AsiaNet Communications

Mobile: 9099 8867

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