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Announcement of Finalists of B4B Challenge 2017

B4B Challenge 2017 had received 34 team applications, with a total of 83 applicants from Hong Kong, Mainland China, the USA, Indonesia, Spain, and France. After the Interview Assessment held in 27th-30th Nov 2017, we are delighted to announce the finalists of B4B Challenge 2017. Considering the quantity of outstanding teams, the quota of finalist teams for Student Stream has been raised from 3 to 5.

Finalists teams in alphabetical order:

Healthcare Stream - Alertgen - Food allergic awareness solution - Brella Up Limited - IoT based Home activity monitoring solution for elderly - Sucabot MedTech International Limited - Surgery navigation system

Smart City Stream - Datum Genesis Limited - blockchain based data trading platform - Farseer Limited - Financial news and info solution - Yunzo (Hong Kong) Company Limited - Fintech for SME

Supply Chain Management Stream - Algniter Technologies Limited- Retail management system - Receipt Monster - image analytics based receipt management solution for product maintenance and KYC - SagaDigits Limited - Visual analytics based recommendation system for shops and retail outlet

Student Stream - After Rain - location intelligence solution - Intelli - Scent-based well-being solution - iSTEM - visual analytics solution for learning improvement - Mamosound - affordable breast cancer detection solution - Wimax - sports & games competition solution

The 14 finalist teams has won themselves a 10-week mentorship programme with Mr Herbert Chia and other Big Data experts, and will fly with us to Beijing in coming January for deeper understanding on latest technical development and investment landscape in mainland China.

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