Press release: The Second B4B Big Data for Business Challenge Competition Champion Teams were Establ

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The Second B4B Big Data for Business Challenge Competition

Champion Teams were Established

(26 April 2018, Hong Kong) The 4 champion teams of the second B4B Big Data for Business Challenge Competition (B4B Challenge) were established today. Some of the 14 finalists have received business cooperation through the competition and some are still communicating with organisations through the B4B network.

Wimax is the champion team of Student stream. They are two students from the Chinese University of Hong Kong. They designed a formula to predict the outcome of a team-based competition which can be used in the Premier League, NBA and the coming Russian World Cup matches. They have done a lot of tests and confirmed the success rate is over 50%.

Sucabot MedTech International Limited is the champion team of Healthcare Stream. They are young doctors graduated from the Faculty of Medicine, Chinese University of Hong Kong. They use big data for surgery planning and for the navigation system that identifies surgery area which recommends the point and angle of entry and cutting path. It can help to increase the successful rate of the surgery.

SagaDigits Limited is the champion team of Supply Chain Management stream. They use IoT and visual analytics technology-based solution to identify customer shopping behaviour and real-time stock level prediction for fast-moving retail businesses.

Farseer Limited is the champion team of Smart City stream. They combine text analytics and web search technology to extract relevant published financial news and information in according to research criteria and output format with user-defined sentiment weighting. It can reduce and digitise research effort.

The B4B Challenge is organised by B4B Limited and co-organised by Cyberport, together with a number of sponsors, partners and supporting organizations from the fields of logistics, estate development, finance and insurance, and data technology, etc. (For the full list of sponsors, partners and supporting organisations, please refer to the attachment.)

There were 34 applications, a total of 83 persons took part in the B4B Challenge. The finalists were increased to 14 teams (from 12 teams last year) due to the increased number of applications and higher quality.

The youngest contestant is under 21 years old and is a year 1 university student. Many of the contestants are currently working in the big data related field. The 39 shortlisted finalists include people from Hong Kong, Mainland China, Korea, United States, Mexico, Singapore, Switzerland, and Indonesia, which reflects the big data groups in Hong Kong are indeed very international.

Mr. Tony Wong Chi Kwong(黃志光), Assistant Government Chief Information Officer (Industry Development), Mr. Stephen Lau(劉嘉敏), the former Privacy Commissioner for Personal Data and Dr Toa Charm, Chief Public Mission Officer of Cyberport, attended the B4B Challenge award presentation and gave a speech. The judge committee and mentors included senior management of Hong Kong and Mainland China enterprises. Many joined the cocktail party after the award presentation and shared their big data development experience with the media and industry insiders.

Mr. Herbert Chia (車品覺), Venture Partner of Sequoia Capital China and Former Vice President of Alibaba Group, is the Honorary Chairman of B4B Limited and Principal Mentor of B4B Challenge. He recognised that the B4B Challenge finalists have a good business sense that covers a wide range of industries. His thoughts are that, “Now, we are only at the early stages of AI and Big Data 1.0. AI and Big Data skills will become a popular skill for everyone, like computer skills, and is not limited to Data Scientists or IT practitioners.”